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A Visit with Ramirez Family and their birds in Guadalajara Mexico

At Ramirez Visit

When I travel to other countries to judge shows I always like to visit one or two breeders of other birds and animals. I find it interesting to compare notes and share ideas, and frequently learn new methods, feeds, or natural remedies.

On my visit to Guadalajara Mexico in December 2018 to judge the PeriqitosMex show I was fortunate to meet a father & daughter team. Luis Enrique Ramirez Romo (Henry) and Liliana Ramirez and was invited to visit them to see their birds.

During The Visit

I first met Liliana at the PeriquitosMex seminar where it was obvious from her comments and questions she was very knowledgeable about budgies and other birds.

Later that night Henry attended a traditional Mexican dinner we shared with other club Members. Although we spoke different languages, with Liliana helping translate, I soon learned we had plenty in common.

Liliana's winning birds

Top Bench

Next day Liliana helped steward at the show and again showed she has an "eye" for a good bird. Only later did I learn her birds placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th Best In Show.. Top quality, all of them.

 After the visit to see their birds I decided to do a short interview with Henry and Liliana to learn their thoughts on our hobby. I hope you enjoy....

Henry Henry's thoughts on our hobby.

Liliana Liliana's Interview and comments.


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