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Interview with Luis Enrique Ramirez Romo from Guadalajara, Mexico


Bullet About The Ramirez Family

And now a few questions.....

What city/town and country do you live in?

Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico

Aviaries Aviaries

How long have you been breeding birds?

I have enjoyed our hobby for45 years.

What first attracted you to our hobby?

The variety of species and how they move and fly.

Are members of your family working with you with the birds?

Henry and Liliana

My daughter Liliana when she is not at work, the others all study or have jobs outside.

How many birds do you keep?

Just enough to enjoy the hobby.

What Species do you keep?

Red Rump Parakeets, cockatiels, budgerigars, Indian ring necks, rosellas, lovebirds, sun conures, green cheek conures, plum-headed bourke parakeets, elegants, turquoisines, splendid (scarlet crested), doves (Australian, crested and Senegal), a few turkeys, African greys, roosters and two canaries.

Birds Birds Birds Birds Birds Birds Birds Birds Birds

Which are your favorites?

Red Rumps for sure.

Anything special about these?

The character that each has.

Do you breed these birds to show? Or for enjoyment and the challenge?

All of the above.

Birds Birds Birds Birds Birds Birds

How many breeding cages?

Approximately 80 for all species.

I was very impressed when I visited you, saw all the birds and how you care for them. What do you say to new people who are interested to start breeding these birds?

First, provide a good environment for your birds… cages, equipment and feed.

Second, find experienced breeders where you can obtain quality breeding stock. People who will share their knowledge with you.

Third, and most important…. Patience .. patience, patience

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