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My Birdroom

My birdroom in Holt.


My birds are housed in a coverted double car garage under the house. The main flight was constructed in sections so it can be easily moved and reconfigured. I have to thank Barrie Shutt for the idea of using adjustable "ladder perches". The uprights hang from the wire top so they can be easily moved around the flight and additional sections can be added when there are more birds in the flight.










 The flight has vinyl tiles over the concrete floor for easy cleaning and to protect the concrete. (Budgie droppings will corrode the concrete if left to dry.)


feed in flight

The base of the flight is separated into four sections with 2"x4"s.

Makes it easy to clean and replace "bedding" under the perches.

Hay Bedding Hay Bedding

We use a variety of bedding.. Favorite for the birds is chopped timothy hay. They spend hours playing in it and gnawing the stalks.

The front center section is ideal for several seed dishes, grit, and a "game bird pick block" that the birds love gnawing on, especially the hens.

Sprouted oats, softfood and vegetables are fed in a separate dish, and any remaining after 3-4 hours is removed.

Another steep-sided dish is used for the live mealworms that are fed 2-3 days each week.

Breeding Cages

I use box-style breeding cages in two sizes. They are all individual units so they are easy to move, clean, and reconfigure. Each cage has a removeable metal tray. Cage fronts originally came from a manufacturer in England.


Breeding Cages

The box-style breeding cages have an 8" platform base to raise cages off the floor and make it easier for cleaning. Nestboxes can be removed and cages converted to stock cages when the birds are not breeding. (Sorry for the glare. I have extra lights on top of these units.)

Here's a couple of photos of our birdroom in Loveland Ohio, back in the 90s.

Birdroom Loveland

I miss this set-up. Plenty of room (40'x18'), hot and cold running water, sink, refrigerator, exhaust fan, and air conditioning... Even wall space for BIS trophies.

Derek cleaning

Back in the day... Derek helping clean the Loveland Birdroom.

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