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Exhibiting Budgerigars

Although many breeders are content to breed budgerigars just for the love of their wonderful range of colors, the vast majority are sooner or later drawn into the competitive world of bird shows.

There are thousands of All-Bird Shows held around the world each year where budgies are exhibited in a separate division from the other cage-birds. And there are special Budgerigar Shows where hundreds, and sometimes thousands of budgerigars, are judged to a "Standard" or "Ideal" which is usually approved by the national society.

There are budgerigar shows all around the United States. The show season continues throughout the year, with the majority of shows being staged from May through November. Most clubs sponsoring Budgerigar Shows are affiliated with national societies. Patronage from these Societies includes special medallions, plaques, rosettes and certificates which are awarded to the owners of winning birds.

An exciting feature of exhibition for the beginner is that you do not have to compete against the long-time breeders until you have gained experience and had some success on the show bench. In USA there are "divisions" for Novice, Intermediate and Champion exhibitors, another for the Rare Varieties, and a Junior division for children… Some other countries also have a division for Beginners.

In USA all birds must be bred and banded by the exhibitor unless a special "open" division is specified to enable bought birds to be shown.

Each variety has its own section, such as Green Normals where the Light Green and Grey-Green birds compete. Separate classes are provided for cocks and hens and for young birds (which have been banded during the current year).

The birds compete in class, section and division, with the winners being later compared to determine the "Best In Show" awards. In the U.S. the Judge often places the birds first through tenth best in each division, and in show. Special awards are usually also made for the top three hens and the best young bird.

Once you attend your first show, and have been "bitten by the budgie bug", you can look forward to many years of exhibiting, camaraderie, travel and excitement.

At many shows the Hospitality Suite will also offer an opportunity to ask questions and learn from the "old-timers" and Champion breeders. In this hobby, like most others, knowledge is the first ingredient for success.

The premier events on the U.S. show circuit each year are The BAA Grand National and ABS All American, where all the dedicated breeders gather. Fanciers from all around the U.S., Canada, and often overseas, attend. Many friendships are formed during the social functions and educational sessions scheduled during these show.

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