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An Interview with Liliana Ramirez from Guadalajara Mexico


Bullet About The Ramirez Family

... My questions to Liliana:

What first attracted you to this hobby?

As long back as I can remember I loved to help my father with our birds, and from there my love for them was born.

Liliana and Henry

Henry and Liliana

Birdroom Liliana

With so many species and birds to be checked, fed, and watered each day even with chores shared many hours are spent in the morning and again at night.

work nest work

Which are your favorite birds?

For me they all have something in particular I like. It would be so hard to pick just one.

Who did your first budgies come from?

Local lines and some from Europe and United States that came from importers.


Do you still have these original bloodlines in your aviary?


Do you have any favorite varieties of budgies?

I really like blue series birds, spangles, normals, opalines and of course Texas Clearbodies.


TCB Spangle

Which exhibition features do you find the most challenging to achieve in your birds?

Length of feather.

Is it easy to buy outcrosses to help improve your stud? 

No. It is very difficult to import budgerigars, and when buying from importers we do not learn the name of breeders.

What features are you looking for in outcrosses?

Overall size, directional head feather, correct posture.

Do you have mentors who help with advice and encouragement?

For years my father guided me. Now I am meeting friends like you I can ask for advice.

At the show

How many shows do you attend?

My first show was the 2018 PeriquitosMex Club show you judged in Guadalajara.

What were your best show results so far?

I was really pleased when my birds placed second, third and fourth Best In Show and won some Best of Variety awards.


show cages

What brings you most enjoyment in our hobby?

Seeing good results during the breeding season. For me a happy bird reproduces if it has everything it needs.

nest chick Nest

Any goals or plans for the future?

Try to attend more shows here, and maybe in other countries, to see the quality of the birds and learn as much as possible about exhibition budgerigars.

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