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Breeder Profile - Fawzy El Old - Egypt


One breeder who impressed me greatly during my visit to Egypt was Fawzy El Old - A very humble man with an amazing amount of knowledge acquired from years of experience in our hobby.   

Fawzy is an Ex-Military Officer & Engineer and has been breeding birds almost 60 years.

He started breeding with his father and grandfather, both of them were very accomplished breeders of Cage Birds and Pigeons. When Fawzy decided to started to breed his own birds it was not long before he focused on budgerigars. Today he has not less than 2000 birds in his bird room mainly Exhibition Budgies, Exhibition Crested Budgies & Japanese Crested Budgies.
Birdroom  Breeding Cages & Flights

Birdroom  Fawzy at flight  Fawzy checks a nestbox.

Fawzy’s large bird room is close to 200 square meters, where he breeds up to 200 pairs each season…  Each pair is limited to a maximum of three nests, allowing them plenty of time to rest after raising youngsters. Fertility is quite high, with hundreds of youngsters produced each year.

Best Crest - Cairo Show 2015 Fawzy with Awards
Fawzy and Best Crest - Cairo National Show 2015... and some of the Awards he won that day.

Fawzy’s birds are excellent quality. One of his birds was Best Crest in Egypt First National Show with International Judging – February 2015. Judge Bob Wilson commented that this bird would compete very well in England, and would definitely win Challenge Certificates for Best Crest in USA too. The bird went on to place eighth Best-In-Show while other birds from Fawzy's stud also took another four places including first in class and Best in Section.

Birds  Budgie  Budgie

For Fawzy, the biggest challenge are Crested & Japanese Crested budgies as they need more effort and work to build their size and the desired thick radiating crests sliding over the skulls. And with Japanese Crested, birds not only need these features but also thick flowery plumages that should be uniform on both wings.

Budgie  Budgie

He also keeps the better Crest bred birds, Tufted, and even messy crested budgies to use in certain pairings when they can help. He is also on the lookout for exhibition quality Normals and Opalines that can help take his birds to the next level

 Budgie  Budgie  Crest

Fawzy focuses on line breeding and as a result has at least sixty budgies related to the Crested Champion at Egypt's First National Show.

Fawzy keeps most varieties including Albino , Lutinos and Lacewings in his Crested , Japanese and even his Exhibition Budgies… and hundreds of Splits.

Breeding cages are his own design , very wide cages with large nests plus a small nursery cage where youngsters are kept until they are weaned.

He has several flight cages used for : Baby Cocks, Baby Hens, Young Cocks, Young Hens, Mature Cocks, Mature Hens and another flight for “Split Ino” birds.

The birds are fed a diet of various seeds, vegetables and fruits. He offers oranges to his birds in summer to enhance their immune system and balance the heat of their bodies.

A very knowledgeable and patient breeder Fawzy says he does not matter how much time it takes to achieve his target, just one step at a time to improve the quality of the Crests and Japanese Crests, and improve their size using top quality Exhibition stock for outcrosses.

Moheb Nabil  Reporting...
Photos Courtesy of Moheb Nabil

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