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Record Keeping

Keeping accurate records is an important step in raising exhibition budgerigars.

Pedigree Card 

Pedigrees should be kept at least three generations back.

They will help confirm which bloodlines are complimentary and blend well... and those that don't.

Pedigrees will also indicate your propotent birds as they will appear in the background of many of your top show birds and others that are the best producers in the breeding cage.

"Linebreeders" pair up birds that are related... but while some will breed Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, and to Cousins, Aunts and  Uncles.. often we do not pair Brother/Sisters under normal circumstances. A quick check of your pedigree cards will confirm whether the pairing is acceptable.

Nestbox Card 

Nestbox Cards - Will provide an accurate record of specific breeding pairs.. Date paired, Number of eggs laid, hatched and band numbers of chicks... for up to three rounds.

Record Card 

Individual Record Cards are used to record the show results for each bird on the show team.


I suggest you keep stats each year so you can compare year-to-year and watch for trends... both good & bad.

Number of hens that lay; Number that don't.
Number of nests with fertile eggs; Number with all clear eggs.
Total Number of eggs laid; Number Fertile.
Number of Chicks Hatched; Number that leave the nest.
Number of Hens & Cocks...
Number of Keepers... Hens & Cocks...

By monitoring these stats year after year you can spot trends and take steps to reinforce and maximize the positive trends, and take action to correct the negatives.

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