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How To Quarantine New Birds



When buying outcrosses or introducing any new birds to your stud it is always sound practice to quarantine the new arrivals to avoid the introduction of any infections or disease.

Mixing birds from multiple studs can stress and cause problems for both new birds, and your existing stud. It is not that either group carries infections or disease, but often adjustment to new gut flora introduced and a change in pecking order is enough to stress them to a point where they are not 100%.

New Birds

Since a move to any new environment triggers stress it is important the quarantine process is a gradual process that allows the new acquisitions to adjust to the new environment, new feeding regime, and eventually mix with your stud without the possibility of any cross contamination.

While many breeders have a different approach I have a quarantine process I follow every time new birds are introduced.

1.       Since many infections and viruses are spread by air via dander/feather dust all new birds are initially caged in a separate room for several weeks. Care is taken to thoroughly disinfect/wash hands each visit before heading to the main birdroom.

2.       They are fed standard seed mix, treat seed, and daily spray millet.

3.       Starting Day 3 birds are all treated with Ivermectin for mites, and receive garlic water for 5 days to eliminate any intestinal worms.

4.       Next the birds are dosed with Ronivet-12% in drinking water (Trichomoniasis – Canker) for 7 days, followed by 5 days of Probiotics.

5.       To protect against Megabacteria (Avian Gastric Yeast) a 10 day course of Megabac-S in the drinking water follows, and then another 5 days of Probiotics to help restore normal gut flora.

6.       Providing all birds are in good health 2-3 “lesser birds” from the stud are introduced to the holding cage. This introduces the local gut flora to the new arrivals.

7.       If all goes well after 7 days the holding cage is now taken to the main birdroom where the birds stay for an additional two weeks before some are gradually released into the flight.

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