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An Interview With Mathieu Bily from Belgium

I first met Mathieu Bily when I was invited to judge the 2016 Baby Show in Belgium.
2016 Show
I was very impressed with the birds he entered, but even more impressed by his zest for life and genuine love for our hobby.

My 2016 Prediction About Mathieu

In 2017 I was able to pose a few questions to Mathieu about his involvement in the hobby.

What city/town and country do you live in?

I live in Lesrterny, a small village in Belgium.

How long have you been breeding exhibition budgies?

 I have been breeding birds for 26 years.

2011 Winner  2013

Winners at 2011 and 2013 shows.

How many years exhibiting?

I participate for 14 years after my meeting with Patrick Van Zwolle

How many birds do you keep?

I try to start each breeding season with 30 cocks and 60 hens

1  2  3

A few of the breeding team.

4  5

How many chicks do you usually breed on average per year?

More and more each years(LOL) this year 200 babies

1  2  3

Youngsters showing promise

4  5  6

Who did your first budgerigars come from?

I was 12 and i got a gift from my father, 2 hens raised by hand by a small breeder whose name I do not know.

Do you still have this original bloodline in your aviary?

No, between 16 years old to 20 sport... and later I discovered girls. These interrupted the hobby

Do you have a mentor who has guided you in the hobby?

Mathieu with Maarten

This is no secret to anyone!!! Maarten Heylen is certainly the basis of my success.

How has your mentor helped?

He created the hidden feeling which was inside me since the acquisition of birds in 2013

Which exhibition features do you find the most challenging to achieve?

 It takes a bird at the top, in harmony, complete, in perfect condition.

For the rest luck and judges with good eyes, that for the great show, it is for me the most difficult....

6  8  7

On the other hand, the quality is sufficient to win a baby show. The problem is that some judges do not always see an excellent bird in the moult transition. There is also a need for competition because everyone raises quality.

Have you introduced any outcrosses/bloodlines in recent years?

Yes, the great basis of Maarten Heylen has been a perfect mix with a bird of Harry Vangeneethen and Kris Huxley... and also a few birds from Harry Hockaday,  and "The Boss" (Daniel Luetolf).

What features are you looking for in these outcrosses?

Maarten the power in the body and nasal implantation.Huxley for the blow, Hockaday the position of the perch, the quality of feathers, Harry Vangeneethen a love story for the yellow face..

What features are you focusing on improving in your birds?

Shape and size of spot

How many shows do you attend?

1,2,3 shows , this year we participate in all the BGC shows history of going up in the great course.

Belgium National

Belgium National 2017


2017 Show

2017 Belgium Baby Show

I was very impressed with some of your birds when I judged the Baby Show in Belgium early 2016, and even more impressed with the young birds you are breeding this year. What is the background of these birds?

They come from the birds that impressed you in 2016 with a new mix, story to keep one step ahead

Please tell us about your favorite win at shows….

-One...!!!!! There are 3. The 3 bests in show of this year are one and same reward of my partnership with my brother Julien  MJBI Mathieu and Julien Bily

What is the best bird you have bred? .. and why?

The "big grey" 2 times best this year, has for me all the ideal characteristics.


1  2  3

Super Grey

What are things you like most about our hobby?

 They are numerous, having a drink and and a meal with friends have a real interest in the hobby, discussions about the behavior and food of parakeets and so on....Ah! Yes...I forget..jealous evil tongues make me laugh as well..

But what I prefer is breeding and see the young evolve

A Super Youngster  - And Another - And One More

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