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Interview with Malcolm Taylor - South Africa


Malcolm Taylor

We are pleased to announce that Malcolm Taylor will be a featured judge at the 2016 BAA Grand National in Houston October 22nd. Check out more details at the BAA website, and Join BAA.

"I am honored to count Malcolm among my dear budgie friends. I am in full agreement with his views on our hobby and its needs. Look forward to visiting with him again at our Grand National show in Houston." ~ Dewayne Weldon

Now for the interview:

Where do you live?

I live in South Africa on the east coast just below Durban.

What started your interest in budgerigars?

I had birds when I was younger so when the opportunity came to renew the interest I jumped at it

How long have you been in the hobby?

I have now been a member for 42 years

Tell us a little about the hobby in your country:

We like many countries are finding it hard to keep members with costs being a major factor; we have very good birds in SA with some top breeders that would be equal to any in the world.

Where did your first budgies come from?

I received a parcel of birds from a friend who was moving; I contacted the local club and met with Ron Wilcox who along with his brother and father was at the time top of the breeders. Ron proceeded to throw out those birds that were no good, and from 24 birds he left me three, I then bought three more from him and the rest is history.

Which breeders have influenced and helped you the most? And why?

There have been a number of breeders over the years that have had an impact in my life and for different reasons. Ian Bleasdale my best friend of 30 years and great breeder, George Novel who pushes me at all times, Reinhardt Molkitein, taught how to judge.

Flight Cage

What bloodlines are in the background of your stud today?

Main line would be Tommy Root/Lutolf with Pierre Swart to lesser degree.

What Club & level do you show at?

My club is the Premier Budgerigar Club and I show at Champion level

How many birds do you keep going into breeding season?

We keep around 100 birds on average.

Breeding Cages

How many breeding cages do you use?

We have 30 breeding cages; most are used at the height of breeding, we are fortunate to be able to breed all year round, so none are completely empty

What varieties do you keep?

Grey including cinnamon, and opaline, Grey Green same as grey, a few others including Spangles

What has been your best ever bird and for what reason?

Best bird of all was a Grey cock that was never beaten on the show bench. His wins included Best Bird at the National of 2015 along with best young bird, he really was a super bird, and unfortunately he died two months after winning.

Normal Grey  Opaline Grey  Grey Normal Hen

The Grey Cock with a brother and sister.

What is your best memory in the hobby?

So many memories but I think making new friends has to be top of the list, along with visiting countries.

If you could only show at one show, which would it be?

That would have to be our National

Malcom Taylor Judging Malcolm Taylor Judging

Malcolm Judging a show.

When did you become a judge?

I became a Judge in 1994, being the last intermediate to do so before the rule was changed to having to be a Champion.

Where have you judged?

I have been very fortunate to judge all over the world, Australia, Holland, Switzerland, France, Germany, England, Italy, Pakistan, New Zealand, America,

Malcolm with Stu Sacks  Malcolm with Rick Spier

Malcolm with Stu Sacks (left) and Rick Spier at a Houston Show.

Do you have any other hobbies?

As to hobbies I love repairing antique furniture and making toys, I also do egg cutting and decoration, I enjoy colouring, and I play bowls at our local club.

.. Your Occupation? What do you do other than breed budgies?

I was a Projects manager at the end of my working life, starting out as an apprentice carpenter/joiner at 16 retiring at 68.

Taylor Budgerigar   Opaline Hen

Quality birds from Malcolm's Stud.

What are the things you like most about our hobby?

I think that goes with good memories, the friends I have made around the world and camaraderie that is found in our hobby.

Is there anything in budgies that really irritates you?

My biggest gripe is the costs of birds. It puts people off from even looking at the hobby. It costs thousands in Dollars, Pounds etc, to build the aviaries, then to buy food and then the birds. I think Champion breeders need to be aware of this and not be money motivated. This I believe is also the biggest challenge to attract people to join. I personally believe if we don’t look to helping new members then we will end up with an Elitist group and become a rich man’s hobby.

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