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Using Garlic To Protect Against Mites & Intestinal Parasites


Over the centuries Garlic has has been used for its health and medicinal benefits in addition to natural antiparastic qualities. It has been claimed that Garlic is able to slow and kill over 60 types of bacteria, as well as some potent viruses.

To get maximum benefits from garlic make sure it is crushed or juiced.

As with all natural supplements, garlic should be used in moderation.

I add a little crushed garlic to the softfood that I feed with sprouted oats once every 7-10 days.


To protect against mites and intestinal parasites like roundworms, add approximately 5% of pure garlic juice to clean filtered water, and use as the only source of drinking water for 7 days.

It is important to use this mix for several days straight.

Except when feeding chicks, some budgies do not consume a large volume of water. Continuing the tearment for several days ensures all birds get a good dose.

If you are unable to buy pure garlic juice locally you can always substitute by making your own "Garlic Water".

To Make Garlic Water:


Buy some garlic.


Separate several cloves.


Place in a food blender.


Add 2 cups of clean filtered water and thoroughly blend until you have a milky solution.


Place the Garlic Water in a container and allow 24 hours to settle.

Now mix your garlic water with twice the amount of fresh filtered water and it is ready for the birds.

Use as the only source of drinking water for 7 days.

** As with most natural additives you do not have to measure exactly. Use what you have available and what works best for your birds. **

Another good idea to protect your birds from mites - Put diatomaceous earth powder with a teaspoon of garlic powder in the nestbox concave with wood shavings when you pair up. The hen will scatter it into all cracks to take care of any mites while breeding.

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