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Fake News About Exports of 49W Birds or Bloodline

Fake News

I frequently receive emails and messages from breeders in other countries asking who has my bloodline in their area.

Others contact me asking about birds for sale in their country that are from my bloodline, or where the seller claims birds were actually bred by me.

In all cases birds I bred, or birds from my bloodlines, are highly unlikely to appear in another country.

Budgies are a hobby for me, not a business. I do not breed in large numbers, and have NEVER exported any of my birds to another country.

Too many people here on a waiting list to get some of my birds.

When somebody claims to have my birds for sale ask for the leg ring (band) code... Then email me or send me a message on facebook.

Don't fall prey to scammers out there making dishonest claims.

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