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Aloe Vera - A Natural Dewormer


Aloe Vera has long been used for its natural medicinal properties.

It will help clear the blood of some toxins. It is a natural laxative that helps with constipation. Despite its laxative properties it can also aid with diarrhea.

The greatest benefit for your birds - Aloe is useful for treating candidiasis and intestinal parasites.

And... it is simple to administer.


My suggestion is to grow your own Aloe Vera plant.... or you can buy aloe vera leaves at many grocers and health food stores.


Carefully strip off a couple of leaves.


Using a sharp knife, cut the leaves into narrow strips. Make sure to leave the center "gell" in place.

in water 

Place the strips into a bottle with clean filtered water.


Initially the strips will float on top of the water. Within the next 24-36 hours, as the aloe gel is absorbed in the water, they will start to sink.


When all strips sink to the bottom of the bottle the Aloe water is ready to use.

Use the Aloe Water as the sole source of drinking water for 7 days.

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