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Johor Budgerigar Show 2018

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It was certainly an honor to be invited to judge the first International Budgerigar Show in Malaysia in May 2018.


I learned prior to the trip that our hobby is relatively new in Malaysia where there are four clubs spreading the word.

After three long flights (and layovers) totaling 30+ hours it was great to be greeted in Singapore by Narul Ridzuan, the Club President, and three friendly members. A short ride across to Malaysia and we were soon enjoying a stop for "midnight coffee" and to discuss plans for my stay.

Members and Visitors

Back at the hotel in Johor I was pleased to meet more club members and a surprise of fellow breeders Moheb Nabil (Egypt), Umer Dilshad and Kashif Ikram from Pakistan and Sultan Babu all the way from Balgladesh, who had flown in to join us for the show.

The show was to be held at the fashionable MYDIN Shopping Mall, an excellent venue with easy access for breeders bringing their birds, and plenty of public exposure.



It did not take the team long to transform the area set off for the show into an impressive and attractive arena that drew attention of everyone in the area.

Set for The Show

Set Up and Ready

Educational Seminars: The night before the show two seminars were held.

Moheb Nabil Judging Hogo Seminar

Moheb Nabil, who flew from Egypt to further his training to become a judge, spoke first on his passion The Hagoromo Japanese Crest variety.

Seminar Attendees

Standing room only for the seminars


Narul Ridzuan helps with the slides and translations when needed.. and Kashif Ikram from Pakistan videos the presentation live for facebook budgie groups around the World.

Since this was to be the first show judged by a foreign judge my presentation "Guideline To Breeding Best In Show" included many aspects of the exhibition budgerigar, including desireable features and faults a judge may look for, and penalties that may be applied during judging.

Early Friday morning breeders started arriving. Plenty of locals and many from other clubs around Malaysia who had driven over 12 hours to attend.

Arriving   Arriving

The Kelantan Club Arrives


Show Prep  Show Prep  Show Prep

A little last minute preparation

Check In

Check In

.....and the birds were ready to check in.

Cages build

More cages

Excitement grows as entries continue to arrive.

Cages   Cages

Since this was the first budgie show in Malaysia using an international judge the show team was a little concerned on how many would be shown.....but there was good number of entries in all divisions.

 Narul   Judges with Stewards

Club President Narul Ridzuan and his team were well prepared with experienced breeders Muhammad Zainuddin Awang and Mark Wear as Head Stewards and plenty of club members sharing stewarding duties moving cages as needed.


Judging was done with an audience which allowed everyone to see their birds being judged



...and hear judge's comments on features and faults of birds as judging progressed so they could understand why birds placed in certain order..

I really like the opportunity to judge with an audience of exhibitors. A good opportunity to help educate those who are new to the hobby.

Final Decision

There were some tough decisions made to end up with the TOP TEN birds in show.

Considering most members have only been breeding exhibition budgies for 3-5 years and most starter stock came from bird traders via pet shops and a few cast offs from imported birds in nearby countries, I was quite impressed by the overall quality of the birds.

The birds that made the top ten would compete strongly in Intermediate and Novice back in USA.

Best In Show  Best In Show  Best In Show  Second BIS

Best in Show was a stylish Skyblue Dominant Pied owned by Mark Wear A worthy winner that showed well all day... and the Cinnamon Light Green that placed second.

Best Opposite Sex

Best Opposite Sex was entered by Ishak Hashim. A little stress curl but a lovely hen.

Best Novice  Best Young In Show  Best Young In Show

.Best Novice award went to Sebastain Ong  and Best Young In Show was an excellent youngster entered by Yud Labo Lutong


There were plenty of awards and rosettes to be presented to winners.


Trophies More Trophies 


Group photo of Johor Club Members with Judges and Foreign Visitors after the show.

In summary: The venue chosen was excellent and the professional manner in which the show was presented is something everyone in the Johor Club should be proud of. In fact, far superior to what I see in many countries around the World where our hobby has been established for many more years.

Special Thanks to Narul Rizuan and his team members who worked so hard to stage a fantastic show and make my visit so enjoyable.... Sazz budgie, Zamer, Syafiq (CeCe), Faizul also Ishak hasyim, Muhammad afwan, Muhammad amir afiq, Shah zirul, Asmarul and Jason. Plus Izraq, Waem and Azmi for their help on the day of the show. (Hope I did not miss anyone).

It is great to see how the clubs in Malaysia work together to grow the hobby and support these shows.

Chat with Kelantan Club

Special Mention to the Kelentan Budgie Club - Muhammad zainuddin awang, Dr. Muhammad Faiz, Mark wear RM and all the members who traveled 10+ hours to attend the show. Your support is appreciated.

Plans for the 2019 Johor Show are underway. If you are interested in attending contact Nural Ridzuan for details.

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