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Interview with Tibor Gyerko - Hungary

Winning at WBO Show

Tibor won Best Young Bird in Show plus several other top awards at the WBO World Show in Forli, Italy ... with judges Jo Mannes and Dewayne Weldon (USA).

We are pleased to announce that Tibor will be a featured judge at the 2016 BAA Grand National in Houston October 22nd. Check out more details at the BAA website, and Join BAA.

Tibor  Zita & Tibor with Dewayne Weldon

I first met Tibor Gyerko and his wife Zita at the WBO Meeting at Stoke-On-Trent where they were the delegates from Hungary. A few weeks later, while on their honeymoon in USA, they stopped by the BAA Grand National in Dallas to meet up with friends and see the birds.

Tibor is fast becoming one of the very top breeders in the region and is certainly dedicated to our hobby. So is Zita who breeds the "wild-type" budgies of color and along with Tibor also won awards at the COM Show in Portugal.

comparison  comparison

An interesting comparison of size and features of Zita's "budgerigars of Color" and Tibor's exhibition quality birds.

budgie  budgie  budgie

A few of Tibor's birds...

What started your interest in budgerigars?

My father was the best race pigeon breeder in Middle and East Europe. I loved the pigeons but I knew that I never will be able to be good or better than him. I loved the coloured pigeons and once I saw some coloured budgerigar and I fell in love with them immediatelly

How long have you been in the hobby ?

Since 1995 with the budgerigars. But I was involved in race pigeon breeding very early, at 1978. I was one year old at that time and when I started to walk and my first way was to the pigeon house.

Tell us a little about the hobby in your country:

Hungary is a small country. We have only 20-25 active budgie breeder. Around 2000 we took the German standard we started to work follow their rules.

budgerigar  budgerigar  budgerigar

Where did your first budgies come from?

From one of my father’s friends who was a pigeon breeder but he also had budgies too. When I decided finally to breed budgies I bought some birds from Leo Endres and Fritz Büttner.

Which breeders have influenced and helped you the most? And why?

By the beginning Leo Endres. He was answering all my questions about the breeding, genetics, and exhibition always and he was teaching me a lot. Later I was studying a lot from Jo Mannes who was also always ready to answer my questions. Unfortunately in Hungary we have no books about budgies, so I was using German books to improve my knowledge. Last few year I got a very good relationship with Christian Back. We are working together and always sharing our experience.

with Maarten Heylen

With Maarten Heylen and Mathieu Bily when they came to visit.

What bloodlines are in the background of your stud today?

50% Mannes blood, 25% Lütolf line and the remaining 25% is Chris Büttner, Leo Endres and Christian back.

What Club & level do you show at?

I am member of some clubs of Europe. My main club is the German AZ-DWV Karlsruhe, but I am a member in Austria, Slovakia, Checz Republic also. I exhibit at the COM, WBO and AZ-DWV too. If it is different level by the exhibitor but I am always Champion level. I am also judge by WBO, COM and AZ-DWV too.

Where have you judged?

Judging Judging

ECH Karlsruhe 2010, 2014 - Russia National Show 2008, 2009
Romania National show 2011 - Austria National Show 2011
Suisse National Show 2014 - Check Republik and Slovakia (Several Shows) -
Brasil, Sao Paulo 2013 - England, Club Show 2014
Pakistan, National show 2014 - DSV German National Show 2015
and also many in Europe.

in Pakistan

Zita and Tibor presenting a major award at a show he judged in Pakistan.

How many birds do you keep going into breeding season?

I am breeding usually 40-45 pair, but usually I have reserves… 10-15 male and 20-25 female in case of anything. Altogether I have approximately 300 birds

How many breeding cages do you use?

I have 49 breeding cages

What varieties do you keep?

I have Normals, Cinnamons, Opalines, Spangles, and my favorite the Texas Clearbody too

budgie  budgie  budgie

What has been your best ever bird and for what reason?

In 2011 I had a fantastic spangle greygreen female. I was trying to breed a good quality spangle with a very nice markings three generation before this. And finally I got her. She won a lot of shows for me and her bloodline is still very strong in my breeding house.

pair  spangle hen  spangle cock

What is your best memory in the hobby?

It is a very hard question. Right now the nicest memory for me that was World Champion this year in Porto. But before this my best memory was when my friend Christian Back won the European Championship at 2009.

Name your three top budgerigar breeders

1.     Daniel Lütolf, 2. Jo Mannes, 3. Hans Schmidtmeister

with Christian & Regina

Another one for the trophy cabinet... with Christian Back and Regina Scates.

If you could only show at one show, which would it be?

It is an easy question. AZ-DWV European Championship Karlsruhe

What there the things you like most about our hobby?

I really like to think 3-4 generations ahead on which type of budgies I would like to breed.

And  I really-really love to judge.

Tibor with Winners   Tibor Judging

Tibor really, really enjoys judging.

Is there anything in budgies that really irritates you?

When the females are moaning J

Do you have any other hobbies?

Formula 1, NFL, and to do sports like weight training, cycling, running, and to work with our disabled athletes

Occupation? What do you do other than breed budgies?

I am officially engineer, but I have two pubs and two lottery. And my wife, Zita, and I are working with our powerlifter, bodybuilder and fitness athletes.

budgie  budgie  budgie budgie  budgie  budgie

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Tibor really loves to judge and meet budgie breeders. He is on the WBO International Judges Panel, and also a judge with COM and AZ-DWV... and is always in demand. If you are interested to have him judge your show Email Tibor

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