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An Interview With Alain Morris from Belgium

Alain Morris

At 2016 Belgium Baby Show with Alain Morris

It was an honor to judge the 2016 Belgium Baby Show with Alain Morris (left) shown here with Maarten Heylen and Bert Sempels during the award ceremony. It was easy judging with Alain as we have a similar "eye" and agreed all day on the best birds. He's a great judge with a great personality. No wonder he is invited to judge many shows around the World.

What City/Town and Country do you live in?

I live in Bertem, Vlaams Brabant, not far from Brussels in Belgium.

How long have you been breeding exhibition budgies?

I have been breeding show budgies for 35 years.

How many years exhibiting?

My first show was the same year I started with budgerigars, so 35 years.

How many birds do you keep?

I try to keep my stud at around 150 birds.

Alain Morris - Aviary

Wonderful Setup at Alain Morris's Aviary.

Alain Morris Aviary

Alain's birds get plenty of fresh air and direct sunlight.

How many chicks do you usually breed on average per year?

Between 50 and 150 depending on the year. My focus is always quality and improving features that I like to see in my birds.

What initially attracted you to our hobby? 

I love budgies and the challenge.

Who did your first budgies come from?

From friends and local breeders who lived close by.

Do you still have this original bloodline in your aviary?

No. They served a purpose in the early days but as the exhibition budgerigar constantly changes there came a time when I had to move on.

Bird  Bird  Spangle  Bird

A few of Alain's birds

Which exhibition features do you find the most challenging to achieve consistently?

To breed on the limit, overall quality and size, yet not become too extreme so my birds can be shown anywhere.

What outcrosses/bloodlines have you introduced in recent years?

Daniel Luetolf, Maarten Heylen, Rene Heylen, Harry Aardema, Mike Ball, and Harry Hockaday.

Lutino   Spangle   Lutino

More great budgerigars at Alain Morris Aviary

What features are you looking for in these outcrosses?

To improve my birds, build on features I like to see.

What features are you focusing on improving in your birds?

Wider feathers, Longer feathers on the head and short down.

How many shows do you attend? 

Most years I go to between 10 and 15 shows.

Any tips on preparing and training birds for shows?

Perpare your birds regularly and spray with warm water. Try to peak for the big shows.

Please tell us about your favorite wins at major shows. 

Best In Show Budgerigar - Alain Morris

Best In Show

Best in show in 2015 at the national B.G.C. Belgium

Best adult in show in 2016 and best team at the national B.G.C. Belgium.

It was an honor to judge the Baby Show with you in Belgium early 2016. Great experience.

How long have you been a judge?

Since 1989

What countries have you judged in? 

Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Pakistan, I do more than 30 judging in a year.

Alain Morris Judging in Pakistan

Alain gets to work - judging in Pakistan

Alain Morris Judging  Best of Color Winner

Alain pays attention to details while judging in Pakistan - Best of Color Winner (Farhan Khan)

What has been your favorite judging experience?


Pakistan Show

Alain gets a warm welcome from members at the Pakistan Show.

Awards Presented at Pakistan Show

Handing out Awards at the Pakistan Show.

What do you like most about judging?

To always recognize the qualities and know the smallest differences.

What do you feel are the biggest challenges facing breeders and our hobby today?

To try to breed up to the limit and not to the extreme.

News Flash:  Alain will be judging in Cairo September 15th at The Budgerigar Club of Egypt Show. All the members in Egypt are in for a real treat when he visits.

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