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Hagoromo - Japanese Crest

***About Hagoromo Budgerigars, the work to get them accepted, a written description and pictorial ideals.***


I first saw Japanese Crests Hagoromo budgies in person during my visit to Egypt to judge their First National Budgerigar Show in 2015. I had seen photos of the variety online and frequently discussed them with Moheb Nabil in Cairo.

I was very surprised to find this variety was so popular. Far more than normal budgies and the common varieties we see in most other countries. There were hagoromo everywhere, especially in pet shops and local bird markets.

At the show I judged sections for exhibition type birds, crests, and hagoromo, and the hagoromo had the most entries by far.

Moheb with Bob

After the show I had the pleasure to stay a few days with Moheb and his family and was able to study his birds in detail. Moheb does not breed huge numbers but had focused his efforts on steadily improving the variety over many years. His knowledge of and dedication to the variety captured my attention.

Bird  Bird

During my stay in Cairo I also visited several other established breeders of the hagoromo. It was interesting to see so many varied crest configurations on the bird. Some were small by exhibition standards, some a little larger, and one well known breeder had crossed them into top European stock resulting in some really outstanding and eye-catching birds.

While all these breeders played a role in Egypt it was obvious Moheb had a goal to help increase the popularity of these budgies worldwide and work with breeders in other countries to develop written and pictorial ideals so all breeders had a guidleine to follow.

His first step was a series of videos describing the Hagoromo and it's features which could be shared on websites and facebook budgerigar groups, and translated into many languages for breeders in other countries.

Next, using WBO Color Standards as a guide, came a written description.


The Hagoromo character can be combined visibly with all other varieties. The exhibition standard for Hagoromo should be exactly as written for each colour and variety plus following features described below:-

Full Circular Crest: this should be a flat round crest with the feathers radiating from the centre of the head.
Backfrill: A fan shaped frill located on the back between the shoulders end extending to the back of the head..
Wing “Flowers: Two matching raised concentric circles of feathers on the butt area of each wing. Inner circle feathers slightly smaller to give the appearance of a flower. Both to be uniform in shape and size.

Then Moheb worked with gifted graphic designer Symeon Pitsillides from Cyprus, who also breeds hagoromo, to design a pictorial ideal for the variety.

Pictorial 1

"I was pleased when Moheb Nabil asked for my help with images for the Hagoromo variety. Always pleased to work with someone promoting our hobby. It was my pleasure to collaborate with him on this special project!" ~ Symeon Pitsillides

  BCE Logo

One of the images was used on the logo of the new Budgerigar Club of Egypt.

BCE Shirt

shirt    shirt

....And soon were seen on shirts many of the BCE club members proudly wear.


To avoid any confusion or similarity of the original "green series" pictorial ideals to images used by other societies a graphic designer in Egypt worked from paintings by Eric Peake, with his permission, to come up with unique illustrations.

Moheb Logo

Note: At the 2017 WBO Show & Convention in Budapest the delegates discussed and reviewed suggestions for a written description for this variety now that it is being bred and exhibited in several countries. We expect an announcement after additional input comes from those member countries where the Hagoromo is gaining popularity.

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