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Using Garlic Juice To Protect Budgerigars Against Mites and Worms


I always prefer to use natural remedies over medications when treating my birds.


Garlic is not only very effective in combating mites of all kinds, it is also a natural dewormer.

I add crushed garlic to my softfood on a regular basis, sprinkle garlic powder on the wood shavings in nestboxes, and use garlic juice in the drinking water.

I rotate Garlic juice in the drinking water with several other natural additives, on average every six weeks.

As with any additive administered via drinking water it is important to continue each for 5-7 days. At certain times of the year budgies do not drink much (except when raising young or in hot weather) so continuing any treatment for 5-7 days ensures they get a good dose.


Hilton Herbs Garlic

Most health food stores will have bottles of garlic juice for sale.

When using commercial garlic juice I use approximately 3-5% juice mixed with clean filtered water.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: With most natural additives you cannot overdose. I just add a good splash so I can smell and taste it in the water.

Water should be changed every one or two days.

ESSENTIAL: Make sure all drinking water is in tube waterers where the birds cannot mess in it. If you have drinking water in an open bowl bird droppings will turn it into bacteria soup in a few minutes, especially in hot weather, and possibly pass infections to all birds that drink from it.


If commercial garlic juice is not available you can make your own Garlic Water using the following steps.

garlic  cloves

First find some nice fresh garlic.      Separate 3-4 cloves.

peeled  blender

Peel skin from the cloves. Cloves go into the blender with fresh flitered water

blend  settle

Blend the garlic cloves and water on high speed for 2 minutes. Pour the mix into a container or jug to settle for 12- 24 hours.

After 24 hours the mix is ready to use. Add one part of the "garlic water" to five parts of clean flitered water.

The concentrated "garlic water" mix can be safely stored in a refrigerator for several days.

Other Additives I Use In Drinking Water.

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