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Our Contest To Win Budgie Products & Supplements from JOELS bvba

Joels Stand

In July 2017 we had a Contest for budgerigar hobbyists worldwide to win products donated by our new sponsor Maarten Heylen and the team at JOELS bvba in Belgium.

JOELS bvba have Seed mixes, softfoods, and supplements formulated by top breeders Maarten Heylen, Jac Cuyten and Yne Peter Terpstra.

These products are manufactured to the highest standards for maximum nutrition and are used by many top breeders...

Mike Ball   Michael Marone

 including Mike Ball, Michael Maroné,

Daniel Lutolf

and Daniel Lutolf.

Our Contest offers the opportunity for you to win fabulous products donated by JOELS bvba.

...Pro Line Soft, Fertical D3 and Grit Essentials.

Soft  FerticalD3

Grit Essentials


Farhan Khan – Pakistan

Keith Pearson – England

Joshua Anthony – USA

Jonatan del Moral - Spain

Winners were also announced on Exhibition Budgerigars group page.

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