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Budgerigar Stickers To Promote Our Hobby


Thanks to my creative friend Autumne we now have a series of budgie stickers to use as Contest Prizes on my Facebook Exhibition Budgerigars Group.

Colorful Vinyl Stickers

The stickers are finding their way around the World and Contest Winners are finding some unique applications for them to promote our hobby or decorate their birdrooms.

Here are a few examples:

jar with sticker Framed Sticker

On a mason jar in Kansas City USA ... and framed budgie art in Cyprus..

Shoe Store Sticker

On the front window of a shoe store in Indonesia


On a pitcher (preparing garlic juice for budgies) in Missouri

Car Window Sticker  Car Window Sticker

... and a car window decal in Malaysia.

If you would like a sticker join Exhibition Budgerigars Group and watch for the next contest for a chance to win.


Or, you can join Budgerigar Association of America. All new BAA members get a special edition colorful window sticker this month.

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